In any mining exploration project, quickly getting a feel for the deposit is vital in making good decisions. When you can make the most of all your data, you can have confidence that your model accurately represents what’s going on beneath the surface. Models are based on real data, but in an exploration project, that data comes from a multitude of sources and in many different formats. Only when you can work with all your data can you build the most accurate picture of the subsurface geology.


The use of 3D GIS exploration provides a means to utilize all available parameters to derive 3D integrated targets. The controlled evaluation of disparate datasets within a single 3D environment unlocks the true value potential of our client’s data. This is a means to vector and target at depth and translates to efficient, cost-effective and most importantly thorough exploration practices related to any exploration program.

GeoGRAFX has the in-house capability to create three-dimensional (3D) models that fully incorporate geological, structural, mineralization, and geophysical data from a variety of data sources to enable a better understanding of an ore deposit.

Related Projects

Van Deemen Au Project, AZ

The Van Deemen property is located in the Black Mountains, one of the most productive gold mining areas in Arizona. The deposit is a breccia-hosted gold deposit controlled by a detachment fault separating Tertiary age volcanic rocks from Precambrian granite.

Lisbon Valley Cu Mine Site, UT

Lisbon Valley Mining Company engages in mining copper in Lisbon Valley, Utah. Copper concentrations occur mostly as intergranular disseminations in sandstones and pebble conglomerates.

Kerrs Au Project, Ontario

The Kerrs gold property is situated in the Abitibi area of the Canadian Shield East of Timmins/Matheson Ontario. The quartz-carbonate breccia deposit is stratabound occurring at the contact of a thick, mafic pillow flow sequence overlying an ultramafic, magnetite-rich flow sequence.

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