Kerrs Project

The Kerrs gold property is situated in the Abitibi area of the Canadian Shield East of Timmins/Matheson Ontario. The quartz-carbonate breccia deposit is stratabound occurring at the contact of a thick, mafic pillow flow sequence overlying an ultramafic, magnetite-rich flow sequence.
  • Location: Ontario
  • Client: Sheltered Oak Resources
  • Commodity: Au

About this Project

GeoGRAFX was retained by W. A. Hubacheck Consultants during phases 3 to 5 of the Kerrs project to assemble and digitize the geological, geochemical, and geophysical databases using the Mapinfo/Discover GIS software platform.

Services for this client include:

The resulting GIS data platform proved to be an effective interpretative geoscience tool which has been employed by HCG throughout the project. Barbara Carroll, an independent QP, helped to validate and verify the assay database, drill logs and 3-D cross-section modeling using Mapinfo/Discover software to support the resource estimation process.

A 3-D cross-sectional model was generated from the cross-sections with interpreted mineral outlines serving as the basis to perform geometric polygonal and geostatistical calculations. This polygonal cross-sectional method was used to validate the geostatistical methods.

1068 samples were collected from the soil geochemical program, Mobile Metal Ions (MMI) program. The interpretation of the data was based on a multivariate statistical technique called Principal Component Analysis. The figure above illustrates the correlation factor scores for the associated elements of Sr /Ca/Mg/Ba/Ni which is a pathfinder suite associated with a silicified, pyritized, feldspar porphyry unit intersected in drill holes.

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