Lisbon Valley Mine Site

Lisbon Valley Mining Company engages in mining copper in Lisbon Valley, Utah. Copper concentrations occur mostly as intergranular disseminations in sandstones and pebble conglomerates.
  • Location: Utah
  • Client: Lisbon Valley Mining Co
  • Commodity: Cu

About this Project

Lisbon Valley Mining Company, LLC engaged GeoGRAFX to deliver custom gis training focusing on integrating existing data into their GIS packages.

Services for this client include:

GeoGRAFX provided onsite training that focused on issues specific to the mine site, utilizing the company’s data and developed procedures specific to their GIS mapping needs.

The mine site had a local mine grid systems in place.  GeoGRAFX was able to create a custom projection that allowed the local grid to be seamlessly integrated with the GIS system.

The flagship of the Lisbon Valley GIS system was the creation of a 3D mine model that incorporated ALL data from the mine site. This was used not only as an exploration tool but provided accurate visualization for mine-site personnel, government agencies, and public relations.

GeoGRAFX used multi-variate statistics on multi-element geochemistry collected from ant hills to successfully identify subtle targets not readily recognized by single element geochemistry.

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