Technical Reporting

Compliance with reporting requirements is now a requirement for publicly listed companies in the resource sector. The purpose of the technical report is to standardize disclosure of mineral property and company information; ensure a minimum level of acceptable disclosure regulations and rules; and to assist potential investors in understanding the information that they would be using to make a potential investment in the mineral resource industry. Mining companies require independent technical reports for many reasons; they may be needed by financiers to support equity or debt investment for regulatory purposes such as a new listing or in order to support technical disclosure.

Technical Reporting

Technical reporting, necessary for regulatory filings and financing, includes the National Instrument 43-101 (NI 43-101),  and SEC Industry Guide-7 codes. GeoGRAFX employs experienced QPs who satisfy NI 43-101 and Guide 7 requirements for independent reporting at all phases of exploration and mining projects. GeoGRAFX has completed technical reviews and reports for its clients and has experience in database compilation (geological, geophysical and geochemical) including data interpretation and management, and in composing Independent Technical Reports (Competent Person Reports, 43-101 Technical Reports, Qualified Person Reports) on properties involving numerous commodity types.

Expert Witness

With over 30 years of consulting and actual hands-on mining experience, the firm offers an unrivaled package of services. Because GeoGRAFX has extensive industry experience, it can provide qualified and competent expert witness services.

GeoGRAFX has successfully represented clients in litigation involving gis, crime analysis, mineral valuation and other mining compliance related issues.

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The Arizona Water Quality Improvement Grant Program program strives to fund projects that implement sufficient, economically and scientifically sound management practices that result in quantifiable improvements to surface water quality.

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