Webinar - Geochem Module

Webinar – Geochem Module

The Webinar uses MapInfo Professional ® v10.0 and Encom Discover ® v11.0.

The 45 minute Webinar covers the Discover Geochem Module which provides the following functionality:

Specific Objectives:

  • Point Classification – Apply incremented colour, size or symbol styles to a point dataset, allowing the definition of homogenous data classes by ranges or groups of values.
  • Trivariate Point Classification – Set threshold values for up to three selected fields to determine if a sample population can be separated into homogenous groups, including interdependent relationships between the elements.
  • Data Levelling – Normalize geochemical data to identify anomalous values regardless of sample type, sample method, background geology or regolith unit.
  • Summary Statistics – Report standard statistical results for a geochemical dataset and save the results to a separate table.
  • Compute Correlation Matrix – Calculate the correlation coefficients for two elements and determine their relative variation.
These training courses are designed to provide geologists with an overview of the software capabilities as well as a thorough understanding of many advanced features.


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