Webinar - Scaled Output

Webinar – Generating Scaled Hardcopy Output

The Webinar uses MapInfo Professional ® v9.5.1 and Encom Discover ® v10.1.

The 45 minute Webinar covers the use of Discover’s Scaled Output to insert a correctly sized and scaled frame of the front map window (with map grid) into a layout.

Specific Objectives:

Additional frames for scalebar and titleblock are then added to the layout. We will walk thru the steps needed to create a map for hardcopy output, including adding legends using MapInfo’s Create Legend feature, adding a North Arrow from the Tools options, as well as inserting a location map that include the map outline. We will touch on problems and solutions commonly encountered when producing hardcopy output.
These training courses are designed to provide geologists with an overview of the software capabilities as well as a thorough understanding of many advanced features.


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